Rachel is one of the few people who I would trust with my Dutch Shepherd Stryker. She has been instrumental in his development from a puppy into a solid, stable, dog. A+++

-Tina Shubitowski

Tina Shubitowski testimonial

Rachel was excellent with our new dog Winslow! She was patient, and disciplined with him and made us part of the K9 Pinnacle Family as Winslow learned to fit into his forever home with us! Thank you forever from the Johnson’s!

-Krista Comerford Johnson

Krista Comerford Johnson

Rachel is an amazing dog trainer. She walks into the room and my problematic GSD just comes to attention and does whatever she says. She has worked with me multiple times to help me learn how to work with my dog and work through our issues. She has helped me in person, over the phone, and even went so far as to come to my house to help train while she was on vacation in the area. She is professional, experienced, dedicated, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how best to help their dog.

-Tiffany McRae


Rachel was amazing with my Aussie.  After the first session I saw a huge improvement in my dog’s obedience.  Each session was customized to match my dog’s progress and needs.  I plan to do more training sessions in the future.  Highly recommend!

-Matt Kent

k9 pinnacle11


Rachel and Dave are fantastic. They always take excellent care of our Bullmastiff and German Shepherd. I would highly recommend their services!

-Drew Coughlin


Rachel was awesome when I had K9 Pinnacle board my black lab Ceaser. They even offered to pick/drop him off.

-Tim Straight


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